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Newsletter 07:台新藝術獎年度入圍與夏日新聞

Dear friends,

No Country for Canine is nominated as one of the finalists for the 18th Taishin Arts Award by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture. The nomination denotes that No Country for Canine has been reputed as one of the highlights in Taiwan’s visual art scene in 2019. Interviews with the finalists are now available on the official website of the Taishin Arts Award; and the English version of a reviewwritten by one of the nomination jurors, Rickey CHENG Wen-Chi, is available online as well. Published by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, theexhibition monograph can be purchased in Berlin, New York, Beijing and many more.

This July, the artist will present two projects in collaboration with the Taipei-based art gallery,Each Modern. The first project is the exhibition, New Relics I: Crossing Over, which re-introduces ancient relics into the contemporary context and re-interprets them with contemporary aesthetics to explore the potential resonance they can strike with contemporary art from a younger perspective. The second project is informed by the current situation of the pandemic, for which Each Modern has launched an online curatorial program that will feature the artist’s latest endeavor of the series Debris, the Week (Landsberger Allee), inspired by his life in Berlin.

Also in July, online art platformYiCollecta will launch a curated project featuring selections of early works from Debris and Digital Weathering series.

Lastly, on 11 July, a screening of his video works Grafrath: A Schäferhund Story and A Craftwork Canine at Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 36 Hours of Artist Cinemas, organized by Yenyi Lee. Please find the program list fromhere.

Best of health,


New Relics I : Crossing Over 古今一:超越

In Taichung 台中展

JUL 18 - 19, 2020 七月十八號至十九號

No. 2, Lane 32, Huamei Street, West District, Taichung City 台中市西區華美街 32 巷 2 號

Tseng ChienYing, Wang GuangYi, Wang TingYu, Wu ChuanLun, XuQu, Antone Könst


In Taipei 台北展

JUL 31 - AUG 29, 2020 七月三十一號至八月二十九號

Ai WeiWei, Chen ShiauPeng, Juan Sea, Tseng ChienYing, Wang GuangYi, Wang TingYu, Wu ChuanLun, Xu Jiong


Antique exhibitor: Chai-an 古文物合作:柴菴



七月,將與亞紀畫廊呈現兩個計畫。其一,實體展覽『古今一:超越』將把古物重新帶入當代的語境與審美中,探尋它們在當代藝術與年輕視角中的共鳴。其二,順應疫情局勢,亞紀畫廊將推出線上策展單元,包含「Debris」系列於2020年的最新發展——以在柏林生活經驗為發想的「Week (Landsberger Allee) 」。





Debris_Sunday (Landsberger Allee)|Inkjet print 噴墨相紙|82.5×56cm|2020


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