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Wu Chuan Lun born in Tainan, 1985. The ever-going changes, compromises and contradictions informing the relations between nature and civilization, ecology and politics as well as materials and the digital have formed the general background of Wu Chuan-Lun’s art practice. He employs a diverse range of media, such as computer-generated imagery, photography, drawing, found objects and porcelain, to create conceptual and research-based installations. His recent work often uses the process of collecting/gathering as a point of departure to explore the identity and meaning of the collected/gathered objects, from which he gradual unravels the underlying, entangled historical and social context. His works have been shown at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Gwangju Museum of Art, Rockbund Art Museum, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, and have been featured in the 2014 Taipei Biennial—The Great Acceleration. In recent years, he has conducted artist residencies with final presentations of the creative results in Seoul, Berlin and Peru. Wu currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Tainan, Taiwan.


Education /

2015,MFA,Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts,Tainan National University of the Arts

2007,BFA,Department of Fine Art,Tung Hai University


Solo Exhibitions/

2019,「No Country For Canine」,Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

2018,「Grafrath: A Schäferhund Story」,LAGE EGAL [IN THE RACK ROOM],Berlin,Germany

2017,「AF II」,Ho-Yo Space,Tainan,Taiwan

2017,「Schäferhund」,Kunstlerhaus Bethanien,Berlin,Germany

2015,「You Will Not Be Wasted」,National Hsiunchu University of Education Art Space,Hsinchu,Taiwan

2013,「Cabinet of Rendering」,Art Taipei - MIT:Young Artist Discovery ,Taipei,Taiwan

2012,「KiSS... and SAVE」,Nanhai Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan


Selected Group Exhibitions/

2019,「Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheist Theist 」,Waley Art,Taipei,Taiwan

            「An Opera For Animals 」,Rockbund Art Museum,Shanghai,China

            「Li Yuan-chia and Homages To」,Each Modern,Taipei,Taiwan

2018,「The Fourth Age of Man - Contemporary Art in Jinguashi」,Gold Museum,New Taipei,Taiwan

            「Here & There-2018 Treasure Hill Light Festival」,Treasure Hill Artist Village,Taipei,Taiwan


            「Art-eology Zoo」,Juming Museum,New Taipei,Taiwan

            「I Contain Multitudes」,East of Elsewhere,Berlin,Germany

2017,「Carnets du flâneur」,Galerie Frédéric Moisan,Paris,France

             「2017 Cre8tive Report」,OCI Museum,Seoul,Korea

2016,「Animals and Us 」,Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan

             「As Small As the Universe 」,Galerie Nichido Taipei,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Sailing In The Dark Cave - The Historia Naturalis of Sino Art」,Lin&Lin Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Life between Delight and Discomfort」,Gwangju Museum of Art,Gwangju,Korea

             「Space In Mind - Animatrix Bienniale 2015-2016」,Shanghai MOCA,Shanghai,China

             「The Essence of Things」,Aura Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

2015,「Incommensurable - Formosa Sculpture Biennial 2015」,Pier-2 Art Center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

             「Dreams‧Habitations - NTMoFA Young Artist Collection Exhibition」,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

             「Hilarious Observations on Daily Life」,WINWIN Art,Kaohsiung,Taiwan​

2014,「The Spine of Spectrum」,Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Taipei Biennial 2014 - The Great Acceleration」,Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Very Fun Park 2014」,Fubon Art Foundation​,Taipei,Taiwan

             「The Scene of Nature:East and West」,Art 8,Hsinchu,Taiwan

             「Disco‧Very」,Pier-2 Art Center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan​

             「Words」,182 Art Space,Tainan,Taiwan

2013,「The 11th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award」,Taoyuan Dept. of Culture Affairs,Taoyuan,Taiwan​

2012,「Super Novart」,Freedom Men Art Apartments,Taichung,Taiwan​

             「Guo Chun Ci Ke Lai」,Ping Pong Art Space,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Less Than Three <3」,Nanhai Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

2011,「Double Check 」,Hotel 8 Zone,Taipei,Taiwan


             「Next Stop:New Generation」,Modern Art Gallery,Taichung,Taiwan

             「High Difficulty Fault」,Nanhai Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

             「2011 Kaohsiung Arts Award」,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohisung,Taiwan

             「Condensation & Differentiation」,King Car Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan​

2010,「Da Nan Party」,National Hsiunchu University of Education Art Space,Hsinchu,Taiwan​

2008,「Co-play」,Tung Hai NO.43,Taichung,Taiwan

2007,「2007 Taipei Arts Award」,Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

Awards & Grants/

2016,「105-2 Regular Grants for Visual Art Creator」,National Culture and Arts Foundation

2015,「Taiwan Contemporary Artists Overseas Visit Program(Venice Biennale)」,Tianmei Art Foundation

2014,「The Spine of Spectrum」,Taishin Arts Awards 13th-4th Quarter Nominees

             「103-2 Regular Grants for Visual Art Creator」,National Culture and Arts Foundation

2013,「MIT - Art Taipei Young Artist Discovery」,Selected by Ministry of Culture

             「The 11th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award」,Honorable Mention,Taoyuan Dept. of Culture Affairs

2011,「Petject」,Taishin Arts Awards 10th-3rd Quarter Nominees

             「Kaohsiung Arts Award」,Selected Prize,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2007,「Taipei Arts Award」,Selected Prize,Taipei Fine Arts Museum


2017,「Kunstlerhaus Bethanien」,Berlin,Germany(MOC Overseas Residency Project)

2016,「OCI Museum of Art」,Seoul,Korea(Kuandu Residency Program)

Public Collections/

2017,「 Debris - Drop」,OCI Museum,Seoul,Korea

2016,「Debris - Circular」、「Debris - Gourd」、「Tools ABC」,Art Bank,Taichung,Taiwan

2015,「 Digital Weathering H」,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

2014,「 Debris -Pentagon」,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

2013,「 Debris - Drop」,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

Art Fairs/

2015,「2015 Artist Fair」,Expo Park Dome,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Formosa Art Show」,Hotel Humble House,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Doors Art Fair」,Imperial Palace Hotel,Seoul,Korea

2014,「2014 Artist Fair」,SKM Xinyi A9,Taipei,Taiwan

             「Art Show Busan」,Bexco,Busan,Korea

             「Art Apart Fair」,PARKROYAL on Pickering,Singapore City,Singapore

2013,「Doors Art Fair」,Imperial Palace Hotel,Seoul,Korea

             「Art Kaohsiung」,Chateau de Chine,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

             「Young Art Taipei」,Sheraton Grande Hotel,Taipei,Taiwan

2012,「2012 Artist Fair」,TADA,Taichung/Songshan Cultural and Creative Park,Taipei,Taiwan​


2018,「Off - Site Project 3 Micro-Historical in Peru」,Lima and Cusco,Peru

2015~2017,「Spine project」,Parkett Magazine Vol. 96-99

2014,「Art 101 No.002」,Escents Taipei 101

2013,「Inner Field: the Gap in Life -- Solo Exhibition by Tseng Sheng Hui」,Guest speaker

2013,「Arts Core」,Guest artist

2012,「Just A Minute More」,Guest speaker