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Newsletter 16:大邱攝影雙年展、台灣文博會、食時事

What I Learn from the Mountain and the Sea_ Fugang_Reefcoast_1.1


Inkjet Print噴墨相紙

136.5 × 85.5 cm


<Again, with Photography!>

9th Daegu Photo Biennial第九屆大邱攝影雙年展

22. SEP. – 05. NOV.

Daegu Arts Center 大邱藝術中心

Curator 策展 | Michel Frizot, Yinglung Su 米榭爾費佐、蘇盈龍

Sponsor 贊助 | National Culture and Arts Foundation 國家文化藝術基金會

Dear friends,

In September, I will participate in the 9th Daegu Photo Biennale, directed by Sangwoo Park, at the Daegu Arts Centre in Korea. This year's main exhibition, The Ongoing Power of Photography, is curated by French curator Michel Frizot, along with Taiwanese curator Yinglong SU. This edition aims to focus on the 'photography of photography,' showcasing images created exclusively through the camera, intentionally steering clear of prevailing discourses on politics, the environment, and ethnicity that currently dominate the art scene. Instead, we delve into the interplay between the unique elements of the photographic medium (light, camera, and human) and the artistic expression it enables. I will exhibit my 2021 work, What I Learned from the Mountain and the Sea.

Simultaneously, in Taipei, I will participate in First Half Champions, presented by the Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation and the Art Bank Taiwan at the Taiwan Creative Expo. Curator Yong-fen HU selects a work from the Art Bank's collection and invites the artist to exhibit a new work that encapsulates and conveys their current state of creation, development, and thinking, offering a juxtaposition and dialectic between two works by each artist. I will present Gourd from the Debris series, housed in the Art Bank's collection, and Album_Leaf from Amazon_Anonymous, a new series derived from last year's trip to the Amazon.

Last but not least, ShiShiShi (The Food Is Good, the Weather Is Nice, What Have You Been Up To?) will debut in Europe at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. This book, brought to life by Suaveart Studio and published by Islandset, is the result of a series of letter exchanges, publishing workshops, online meetings, offline gatherings, and correspondence between artists from Taiwan and Germany. ShiShiShi is an artist's book brimming with imagination and crafted with special printing techniques. In the future, there will be a series of promotional programs at book fairs, and the book will also be available for online order.

Best wishes, Lun

The Plamtree Root (Album_Leaf)


Inkjet Print噴墨相紙

60 × 42.43 cm


<First Half Champions上半場比數𝟷𝟶:𝟷𝟶>

2023 Creative Expo 台灣文博會

22. SEP. – 01. OCT.

C-Lab 台灣當代實驗場

Organizer 主辦 | Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation, Art Bank Taiwan 臺灣美術基金會、藝術銀行

Curator 策展 | Yung-Fen Hu 胡永芬


九月,我將參與在韓國大邱藝術中心舉辦的<第九屆大邱攝影雙年展>,大邱攝影雙年展由Sangwoo Park擔任總監。 今年主題展覽<The Ongoing Power of Photography>由法國策展人Michel Frizot策畫,台灣策展人蘇盈龍偕同策展。 今年大邱攝影雙年展意圖聚焦「攝影的攝影」,呈現必須通過相機而非其他媒材所能創作的影像,有意識地避開近年國際展覽中關於政治、環境、少數族裔等的主流論述; 取而代之是回到攝影媒介的獨特元素(光線、相機和人)之間的互動,以及其所能實現的藝術表現性。 我在此展出2021年作品"山海教我的事"。

同一期間在台北,我將參與台灣美術基金會與藝術銀行在台灣文化博覽會呈現的特展<上半場比數10:10>。 策展人胡永芬從藝術銀行典藏中選出一件藝術家作品,再向該藝術家邀請展出一件足以涵蓋、傳達他們當下創作、發展、思考狀態的全新作品,呈現一位藝術家自己兩件作品的對位與辯證。 我將展出受藝術銀行典藏的Debris系列中的"葫蘆",以及基於去年亞馬遜之旅所衍生的新作品"匿名_亞馬遜"中的"冊頁/葉"系列。

最後,細著藝術執行,島作放送出版的<食時事>將在十月法蘭克福書展中首度在歐洲發行。 <食時事>基於一系列在台灣與德國藝術家之間的交流、出版工作坊、線上會議、線下聚會、書信往來的成果,是一本滿載想像力,以特殊印刷技術完成的藝術家出版品。 未來將有一系列於書展的的推廣計畫,也可於線上訂購。

祝安 權倫

ShiShiShi 食時事

Publisher 出版社 | ISLANDSET 島座放送 Spec 規格 | Hardcover / 192 pages / 13 × 19 cm / Full-color / Edges printed with blue sky and white clouds Price 售價 | NTD1,200 / Euro 40

<Frankfurter Buchmesse法蘭克福書展>

18 – 22. OCT.

Messe Frankfurt Hall 6.0 D57 法蘭克福展覽中心

Booth 展位 | Independent Publishers Association of Taiwan 台灣獨立出版聯盟


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