You Are My Nature


















Plastic、glass jar|size diversity|2011-2014


Everyone must have his or her own plastic animal. The roughly simplified exotic animals filled our senses of curiosity, and guided you - the intelligent part of the universe - to imagining a civilized utopia. Or you simply like their cuteness. Some of them are made of poor quality plastic smells like toxic. Even the wild scents combined with living animals, excrements, and plants might not be worse. However the plastic smell seems to be the smell belongs to our environment - a smell of reality.


Those toys are flaws from the factories in China. They are covered with rough paintings and out of shape. I took those plastic toys as a not yet carved marble and set eyes as starting point to carve out faces. The process is erasing. However in the end it seems that I added a new strange faces on them.


You are neither a human nor an animal, but you may be my nature.













Formosa Sculpture Biennial 2015|Pier-2 Art Center,Kaohsiung,TW|2015



You Are My Nature:mini 你是我的迷你自然

Plastic,glass jar|approx 30X30X30cm|2014


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