National Freeway 1 National Park


















Dual channel video (28:50)、bird skull、woodwork paint with acrylic、print (map、postcard)、photograph|installation size|2011-2014

Between highway ramps, many spaces were reserved for traffic and visual buffer. In this so-called green space, high-density traffic cuts it off from the public, therefore, retain its peacefulness, became a rare place for animals and plants who lost their original habitats due to urban expansion. The ecological state is so flourishing even than an official park.


National Freeway One's Taichung Interchange are such a great sample, placed in the deep core of the city, joined Taiwan Boulevard, the main route in the city, Taichung-Changhua Expressway and THSR parallel on each side. Landscape restrictions policy saved farmland in Westside. Fa-Tzu River Wetland provides the food resource for birds, and lush acacia inside the interchange become best nesting place.


This project represents the particular of this place in several arrangements. First to observe the ecological with 24hours time-lapse video, record the dynamic between animal\plant and traffic inside. Collected bird skulls from the interchange. Then, announcing this place to be a National Park, with logo, sightseeing guide, postcard collage from other actual national park’s materials, made up an official declaration. Later, invited local people continuously trip to this place, complete the recreational usage a National Park should provide. Setting a private wonderland between two national units.


Interchange’s traffic unexpectedly sets the boundary between human and nature, this kind of method of preserving nature with human defined limitation also sees at a national park or preserve area. <National Freeway 1 National Park> tried to show how nature and city relied on each other, and the possible gap that without planed but already exist in the opposition between development and the environment.












The Scene of Nature:East and West|Art 8 Space,Hsinchu,TW|2014


The Scene of Nature:East and West
The Scene of Nature:East and West
The Scene of Nature:East and West
The Scene of Nature:East and West
The Scene of Nature:East and West
Sightseeing guide


24hr Records

Two channel,no sound|28:50|2011-2014




Prints|10.4X14.8cm,8 pieces|2014


Ver.1 南環道闊葉林
Ver.2 木木盆地
Ver.3 高道石灰岩洞
Ver.4 三交點(南尖)
Ver.5 平道草原
Ver.6 一七八丘陵
Ver.7 下南引道谷
Ver.8 岔別崖


Road Trip 郊遊道

Performance、photographic|45X60cm,5 pieces|2014


Road Trip I
Road Trip II
Road Trip III
Road Trip IV
Road Trip V

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