Paper、pencil|20 pieces,29X21cm|2009-2013


"Domesticated" is one of the primeval tricks to make usage of natural. I regard the world of internet as today's new nature, I start virtual hunting by using keyword「animal + kiss」search on the internet. If searching is like hunting, downloading is to capture. I print the “prey” with its original pixel and scale, therefore digital images join the practical world in its primitive look. 



The "domestication" in this work is to redraw images on usual A4 paper. It's a reversal conquest from manual drawing to modern machine copy. Images that maintain its pixel size and proportion posited in the center of an A4 paper cause the surrounding blank, which is the negative space when a picture can not suit into the real world, also a self additional frame.The intersection of an image and a painting went back to limited; the images were treated in a simplest way (b&w copy), as the painting presented in its plainest way (pencil drawing). At first glance, this fine sketch looks like a copy, but with observing, a viewer will find the pixel has replaced with handful strokes. Like a domesticated animal look the same in appearance, yet essentially overwritten with human's discipline.
In nature, "snout-touching" is a functional behavior when exploring, feeding or cleaning. Only a "kissing" between human significance with social meanings like love and friendship. Kissing a person will against animal's instinct, yet a domesticated one can precisely control its muscle and nerve reflection performed the activities we called "kissing". This tiny and light touch became the evidence of an animal being domesticated by us.
I domesticated internet images like human do to animals.



"馴養"是一種人類運用自然資源的原始方法。我視網路世界為今日的新自然,以「animal + kiss」的搜尋方程式展開在網路上的虛擬狩獵。當搜尋形同狩獵,下載即是捕獲。把“獵物”維持原始的像素與比例列印出來,即得以讓數位圖片用最接近野生的樣貌進入實體世界。









29X21cm,20 pieces|pencil、paper|2009-2013



Installation View|2012-2014


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