Metallic photo paper、Diasec (acrylic、aluminium frame)|2011-2019


"Debris" referred to the discarded remains after destroyed. Intuitively, it described the broken and incomplete model build in the works. More attempts, to re-examine the production process from digitizing to entities, and usable and unusable. By building up wrecked 3D model using front-end developing 3D software. Skip the production, turn into images composed with fragments. Rearrange the sequence of design (start), produce (during), wasted (end). Make the beginning no difference to the ending. Manufacturing means becoming unusable debris.


Represent the purity of using 3D software/images as a tool/material on visual experiment. Almost an abstract painting as it sees, the making inside software is more like sculpturing, yet, a piece of photo paper that recorded variety kinds of material simulations and rendering of light and shadow is the final result. Between digital project and objectify image, compressed a modern body into a 2.5-dimensional space.


Sub-series <Tools> directly responded to the original usage of 3D software which is design tools. The appearance of a bar responded  tools conceived as a long and thin figure for the comfort and steady with our hands. The outline and small component to make its viewers recall their gestures with an instrument and make them thinking they could operate it even it is just an image. 


<Polygons> developed from a single shape that can commonly recognize, with adjustment, copy and overlapped each for several times inside the software, makes it more like a sculpture to its viewers. The combination of materials, colors and shapes has no symbolic intense, but rather randomly choose. Organic and fluid component against large and hard-edge parts leads to an ecological impression, make each one is a small universe to its own shape.






















Series 5|2018~


Week (Landsberger Allee)|2020



Animatrix Biennale 2015-2016|Shanghai MoCA,Shanghai,CN|2016



Installation View|2012-2015


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