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Newsletter 06:2019 年末問候與展望

Published by: Taipei Fine Art Museum 臺北市立美術館

Editor: Wu Chuan-Lun 吳權倫, Wen-An Ho 何文安

Art Direction: Shauba Chang 章芷珩

ISBN: 978-986-5412-32-6

Dear Friends,

2019 was a very exciting and fruitful year in my career. The solo exhibition “No Country for Canine” at the Taipei Fine Art Museum was accomplished and receiving delight responses, including the quarter nomination for the 18th Taishin Arts Award. The project book for the show has published as well. This year, I was participating in several collaborative exhibitions, the “An Opera for Animals” at the Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai in June, the “Li Yuan-chia and Homages To” at Each Modern in February, the “Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheist Theist” at Waley Art in November. Lastly, a short but enrich visiting to Penang, Malaysia as year’s final event, thanks to the support of No Man’s Land.

Looking ahead, after the show “No Country for Canine”, the ongoing research project “The Shepherd Dogs” will refocus the sight from Europe and Taiwan to the range of Asia, as a preliminary, some interesting materials from Korea and Vietnam has risen my intention. Related to the other undergoing project “The World Is Not Your Potato”, a historical object will be included as a new thread - the oldest existing terrestrial globe in the world, which now collected in Nuremberg, Germany. All carry on with year to come.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year.


An Opera for Animals 百物曲|Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai 上海外灘美術館|2019

朋友們, 2019是個人職涯中興奮且收穫豐富的一年。在臺北市立美術館的的個展『馴國』圓滿完成且獲得令人愉快的迴響,如第十八屆台新獎的第三季提名。展覽專輯也於近日出版。今年也參與許多聯展,六月於上海外灘美術館的『百物曲』,二月在台北亞紀畫廊的『李元加與年輕藝術家』,以及十一月在水谷藝術的『重返神性:作為一位無神論的有神論者』。最後,感謝數位荒原邀請我前往馬來西亞檳城進行了簡短但充實的考察之旅,為今年劃下完美的句點。

展望明年,在『馴國』展覽之後,進行中的<牧羊犬>研究計畫,將把關注的視野從台灣與歐洲轉往亞洲範圍,初步已在韓國與越南這兩地發現一些有趣的材料。關於另一個發展中的計畫<The World Is Not Your Potato>,將納入一個新的歷史物件線索——典藏於德國紐倫堡,世界現存最古老的地球儀。希冀於未來逐步落實。

敬祝 假期愉快,來年安康


Whitest White 最白的白 (from No Country for Canine 馴國)|Taipei Fine Art Museum 臺北市立美術館|2019


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