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Newsletter 01:Yearend greeting & retrospect 2018_年度回顧與新年展望

D.V 006 (Digest or chewing gum)|Photoprint with Diasec| 44.3 x 52 cm|2018

Dear Sir/Madame, 2018 has been a fruitful year. In addition to my second show held in Berlin, I took part in two group shows in Taiwan held in Ju Ming Museum and Gold Museum respectively. The highlight of the year was the study trip in Peru in October; its result will be developed into my next project, “The World Is Not Your Potato”.

Looking forward to 2019, I will first show “Debris Series 5” in January in Each Modern gallery in Taipei. The work is the latest piece of the series and represents the latter’s latest evolution after I resided in Berlin. Therefore, it can be regarded as my reaction to my living experience in Berlin. The showcase at Each Modern gallery is part of the group show titled 「Li Yuan-chia and Homages To」 which will coincides with the first 「Taipei Dangdai – Art & Ideas art fair」. In August the same year, my solo show 「When Collecting Becomes Breeding」 will be held in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, showing the third evolution phase of “The Shepherd Dogs”. It will also be the first showcase of the serial project in Taiwan.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Grafrath: A Schäferhund Story|Installation View at LAGEEGAL [ITTR]|Berlin, DE|2018

親愛的先生/女士, 2018是充滿收穫的一年。我完成了在柏林的第二次展覽,並且參與了兩檔在台灣的聯展,分別位於朱銘美術館與黃金博物館。而今年的亮點在十月前往祕魯的研究旅行,此次的成果將發展成為下一件作品計畫“The World is Not Your Potato”。 展望2019年,我首先將於一月在台北亞紀畫廊發表“Debris Series 5”,此為本系列在個人移居柏林後的最新發展,可視為對於柏林生活經驗的回應。此次於亞紀畫廊的聯展「李元佳與年輕藝術家 Li Yuan-chia and Homages To」將與首屆台北當代藝博(Taipei Dangdai – Art & Ideas)同時發生。同年八月,我將於台北市立美術館舉行個展「當收藏成為育種」,這將是“牧羊犬計畫”的第三發階段發表,同時也是系列於台灣的首次呈現。 敬祝 來年萬事安康

The World Is Not Your Potato|Documentary stills|2018


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