Paper-craft made with photo paper、lighting tripod、tracing paper、maker pen、acrylic tube、framed images、PP print、stainless steel rack、granite|Installation size|2016-2017


『Angle-Fortune』 is a project started during my residency period in Seoul. First present in Seoul after residency in Jan. 2017, second time was shown in Tainan in Dec.2017. I saw a tourist ad of Baekdamsa Valley in subway, hundreds of taller than human stone-pile being stacked on the river bed for wishing luck, people raise it so high as if it goes higher more fortune they will get.


This kind of behavior exists in many places in the world; nobody knows how this ritual began. Maybe, to pile up stone is a primitive instinct of us want to interact with nature. But how I saw it was a geometry problem; therefore, I try to calculate the fortune of these stone-pile by analyzing the geometry. I 3D-scanned these stone-pile, then unfold the model into a drafting of triangles, measured and calculated the average shape of all. And compared it with an equilateral triangle, to see how far the central of the average triangle away from an equilateral triangle’s. Therefore, I sum up a suppose about angle and fortune?


In the other hand, I found granite bricks in Taiwan that has the similar texture to the stone-piles in Korea. I broke these bricks at will, then trimmed the debris to the approximate shape of a triangle, it's become another random modeling object that meets the context. And looks like a miniature mountain by using it as a paperweight. Another set of work“Pattern”, used the picture I took in the scene, with overlaying and blending process, become a compressed and abstract field record.


People have a human instinct for natural omen, we want to foresee the future thought the interaction with nature. The tediously measuring and calculating procedure become my own ritual. Even the final number compared with stone-piled seems to make no sense—just like everything recognized as the symbol of luck. The mysterious but spectacular of nature and the clear but inconspicuous of mathematics, both are believable and unbelievable, depends on one's obsessions.


The installation arrangement of the show in Taiwan was based on the idea of“(Un)fold.” I tried to re-ask how should a site-specified work inspired by the residency experience back to the place of departure. The used to be merged as one paper-craft now divided into parts as a metaphor of incomplete after leaving its original place. The once unfold drafting sheet now roll up and place inclined with the specified angle of the average triangle of this stone-pile model, turned the dazzle number into a physical-related structure. The“Pattern” present in a half-roll-half-scroll way as a comparison to the fully unrolled “Diagram.”








於台灣的展出,我試圖自我提問具有現地製作特質的駐村作品該如何回到出發地。於是我試圖以“ (不)拆封”去重新思考這件作品的裝置佈局。在韓國組合成一體的石頭塔紙雕以不合體的狀態暗示一種離開了地方後的不完整。原本攤開的分解圖也捲成圓管狀,並且依三角形的三個平均角度值斜放,讓分解圖中密密麻麻的數字直接化做可以用身體比對的結構。“Pattern”以半開半捲的披掛狀態,對照展場中唯一完全展開狀態的“公式圖”。


2017 Cre8tive Report|OCI Museum,Seoul,KR|2017

_DSC0002-1 (169)


AF II|Ho-Yo Space,Tainan,TW|2017

2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 006 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 020 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 005 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 019 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 025 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 026 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 004 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 010 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 007 SS


Drafting (of Stone-pile No.11)|Installation mode

Tracing Paper、maker pen、acrylic tube|202X88cm,as drawing |220XØ6cm,3 pieces,as installation|2016-2017

2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 002 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 009 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 016 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 013 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 015 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 011 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 021 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 022 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 023 SS


Rendering View - Photogrammetry (of Stone-pile No.11)

2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 014 SS


Rendering View - Photogrammetry (of Stone-pile NO.09)

stone9_xray 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)
stone9_depth 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)
stone9_mesh 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)
stone9_real 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)
stone9_realmesh 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)


Rendering View - Papercraft (of Stone-pile NO.11 & No.06)




PP prints|120X82.5cm,4 pieces|2016-2017



Pattern - Unrolled

PP prints、stainless steel rods|Installation size|2017

2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 017 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 008 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 012 SS
2017 HoYoSapce_AF II 024 SS


Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheist Theist|Waley Art,Taipei,TW|2019


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stone9_xray 2 (21X40cm 300dpi)